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Darren Cefalu has been assisting clients as a professional counselor for more than 20 years. Helping over a thousand individuals move through the darkness of addiction and mental health issues, his unique and innovative approach, concentrating on personal change, aids in developing the internal light and skills needed for growth. He serves as the program director of Recocery 112 Treatment Center which provides him with the opportunity to develop holistic programs complimented by various healing practitioners.

Treatment Focus


Darren's passion revolves around helping others overcome the issues that originate with a racing mind including substance use, depression and anxiety. Inspired by a calling to blend spiritual passion with the physics of the natural world I've co-developed Quantum Recovery(tm), a radical new paradigm and approach to personal change.

The Difference


Aspects of talk therapy have limiting confines. In our tech savvy society I capitalize on neurosignaling, coherence breathing and other experiential modalities to provide short term relief that allows for long term development of lasting change. Certifications in Motivational Interviewing and trainings in EMDR and sound healing allow for a break in old, unwanted patterns.

Our Therapy


Depression & Anxiety

Depression and anxiety have long been described as two sides of the same coin. That coin is the racing mind. Through counseling and treatment, we are able to help you recover control over the brain's desire to make meaning out of all stimuli and help create focus moment to moment. 



Trauma & PTSD

Research points to memory being stored holographically in the brain. Training in NLP helps to identify the patterns of recall and the use of EMDR helps to break unhealthy entanglements to memories that stem from a traumatic event.  




Addictions are the tip of the iceberg that signify a litany of problematic self limiting beliefs and thought patterns lurking underneath. Getting to the root cause of the maladaptive behaviors allows for the development of persoanlized coping skills to restore optimal functioning.      

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If you or a loved one is in need of assistance.  Please don't hesitate to contact me.  I am here to help.

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